U-2 The 1950's

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. Mar 1953

William Lemar(chief of New Development)drew up proposal for High Altitude Reconnaissance aircraft,

. Dec 1953

Work starts up to modify F-104 study for maximium altitude.

. Feb 1954

U.S.A.F. interested in characteristics of F-104 study vs U-2.

. May 1954

Lockheed sends a proposal to Major John Seaburg New Develpoment branch for High Altitude Aircraft.

. Sep 1954

Bell X-16 High Altitude Aircraft to Compete with U-2.

. Nov 1954

Foster & Allen Dulles meet with Eisenhower for approval of $35 million dollars to purchase High Altitude Aircraft. Known as Project Aquatone/U-2.

. Nov. 1954

Kelly Johnson selected to design U-2.

. Dec 1954

First twelve engineers design U-2 hardware and final configuration design.

. Dec 1954

Group to recommend to Eisenhower High Altitude Aircraft, Bell, Martin, Fairchild or Lockheed.

. Dec 1954

Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) agree to finance and contract to build U-2's.

. Feb 1955

First U-2 is completed.

(I was a U-2 pilot. I am listed on the next page.)

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