U-2 Spy Plane - The silent one

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This U-2 article is dedicated to my right wing man and good friend Captain Jack Fletcher
from the Bronx NY who is not with us.
Jack gave his life for his country in Korea while we were on a strike mission flying F-86E Sabre Jets.
If you are reading this, please pray for Jack at your next time of worship.

Thank You
Frank E. Hogan

You must first understand that the U-2 was the most guarded secret for more than 40 years.
It was so Top Secret that most of us in the early days had to agree not to bring our families with us.
Rank promotions were fast. Time and rank qualifications were waved.
In most cases in the beginning our ranks were kept secret from our loved ones. It was one way to stop many inquiries
from our friends and families. I believe there are still somethings that we can not reveal.
Hopefully I won't do that in this 3 page article. Read the list carefully. Maybe you will see some one you know or a loved one.
My intention is not to bring any sorrow or bad memories to any one. Only to inform whoever reads this article.
If by chance I do bring back bad memories I apologize. Read on and enjoy.

Frank E, Hogan

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